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Online Toys Australia - Returns & Refunds

Made a mistake? Purchased the wrong toy? Received the wrong toy? Is it the wrong size, shape, colour, style or weight? Does it fail to work, run, spin, fly or function the way it should? No matter the situation, you'll be pleased to know that Online Toys Australia is here to help. However, your individual circumstance will dictate on how best to approach a resolution:

Wrong product purchased

We've all made mistakes from to time so don't worry. The first thing to do is contact our store, either via phone or email, so we can discuss the best solution that best suits your circumstances. Please have your order number ready when contacting us by phone and please don't forget to include it in your email so we can quickly identify your purchase.

Our friendly staff will then provide you with helpful information with instructions on what to do next.

We sent you the wrong product(s)

It's not often that we make mistakes but we are human after-all. So if we have sent you the wrong item, firstly, please accept our apologies. Please let us know as soon as you can either by telephone (03) 9394 1944 or via email so we can provide you with instructions on what to do. But, in the meantime, it's important to remember not to open the product in question or use it or damage it in any way.


Refunds are issued in circumstances whereby products that are under warranty cannot, for whatever reason, be replaced or repaired. We may need to issue a refund whereby products have arrived damaged or faulty and a replacement is neither available in our store or from our supplier. In most cases, such products are required to be returned, however, this is usually determined on a cases-by-case basis and can vary from one customer to the next.

Once the product in question is received back in our store, and a refund is agreed to be the best course of action, a refund is usually processed within a 24 hour period.  And please note that refunds can only be issued back to the same method that was originally used to make the payment and it cannot be issued to any other person.

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