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Get the whole family out of the house for some outdoor fun with our great selection of outdoor toys and games. Whether you're at the beach, in the park, or in your very own back yard, Online Toys Australia have something for everyone, wherever you are!

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Aerobie Dogobie Flying Disc

Was: AU$21.99 SAVE 18%
In Stock: Yes Age: 5 Years+

The flexible Aerobie Dogobie flying disc's are made from tear and puncture resistant materials that are also gentle on your dog's mouth and teeth but sturdy enough to endure fetch after fetch. With its patented spoiler rim design, the Dogobie disc is made for long, stable flights even when thrown by a beginner. The Aerobie Dogobie disc also floats in water.

Bruder - Manitou Telehandler MRT 2150

Was: AU$79.99 SAVE 13%
In Stock: No Age: 4 Years+

The Manitou MRT 2150 PRIVILEGE telescopic fork-lift truck is a construction machine for universal use on construction sites to take material to nearly any location of the site. Just like the original, the BRUDER model has all sorts of functions. The telescopic arm can be extended and the inclination level of the supplied forks can be adjusted as desired according to the angle of the arm. The lifting forks can also be replaced with a bucket (supplied), or other accessories available from BRUDER to give more functions.

EuroTrike - Tow Trike

Was: AU$119.99 SAVE 8%
In Stock: Yes Age: 3 Years+

Get to work as a Tow Trike owner with the Eurotrike Tow Trike, the only trike that features a working towing mast with controls for lifting, lowering and locking a tow hook in position. It's perfect for dragging things along the ground or towing broken down 'vehicles' back to the 'repair shop. Tow hard, work hard with the Eurotrike Tow Trike! New for 2014 and 'loads' of fun for any 3 year old and over.

Hopper Ball - Spiderman

Was: AU$17.99 SAVE 28%
In Stock: No Age: 4 Years+

Boys can have the ultimate bouncing fun - and lots of exercise too - as they hop around on their Spiderman Hopper Ball. The Spiderman Hopper Ball has both a durable Grab'n Grip handle and tough heavy-gauge vinyl. The ball can be deflated for easy storage, contains no latex, and can be played indoors and out! Great for building co-ordination skills and is ideal for both girls and boys. Highly recommended (especially for Spiderman fans)!

Monsters University - 230mm Play Ball

Was: AU$5.99 SAVE 33%
In Stock: Yes Age: 1 Year+

Light, soft, medium sized PVC play ball. Great for the back yard, pool, anywhere. Available in many licensed designs (each sold separately).

Nerf - N-Strike Elite - Crossbolt

Was: AU$39.99 SAVE 13%
In Stock: Yes Age: 8 Years+

Experience the excitement, energy, and attitude of the Nerf brand, and find out why It's Nerf or Nothin'. Nerf N-Strike Elite blasters from Hasbro deliver the ultimate in blaster performance for your Nerf battles. Take aim with the Nerf N-Strike CrossBolt blaster to experience real crossbow action as you unleash Nerf Elite darts!

Nerf - N-Strike Elite - Demolisher 2-in-1 Blaster

Was: AU$79.99 SAVE 13%
In Stock: Yes Age: 8 Years+

Experience the excitement, energy, and attitude of the Nerf brand, and find out why It's Nerf or Nothin'. Nerf N-Strike Elite blasters from Hasbro deliver the ultimate in blaster performance for your Nerf blaster battles, with upgraded distance and the revolutionary Elite dart. Take aim with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2-in-1 blaster and unleash motorized dart blasting and pump-fire missiles!

Nerf Super Soaker - Tri Strike Crossbow

Was: AU$49.99 SAVE 20%
In Stock: Yes Age: 6 Years+

Soak like a champ with this incredibly versatile Tri Strike Crossbow soaker! It's shaped like a crossbow and its arms deploy for 2 different modes of soakage. When the arms are in, you can fire a single stream of water at targets up to 38 feet away! But if you're going for a bigger soaking at closer range, deploy the arms for a triple stream of water! This large-capacity soaker holds up to 40 ounces of water, so you'll be the top drencher with the Tri Strike Crossbow!

Pop Flyz

Was: AU$7.99 SAVE 38%
In Stock: Yes Age: 5 Years+

Squeeze the handle and watch your rocket FLY! Watch' em fly up to 20 meters with amazing speed. The harder you squeeze, the further they go! Made of lightweight foam, these super quick rockets from Britz'n Pieces are super strong, easy to use, and are terrific air powered fun indoors and out!

Royce - Height Adjustable Tennis Set

Was: AU$34.99 SAVE 20%
In Stock: Yes Age: 5 Years+

You don't need an enormous tennis court in the back yard to play tennis when you have the Royce Height adjustable Tennis Set. It's easy, loads of fun and you can play alone or with an opponent! This all-inclusive Height Adjustable Tennis Set can be easily setup on any patch of turf in the back yard. Includes 2-piece post, ball on a string, bats, instructions and is neatly packed inside a handy carry bag, with strap, for easy transport.

Slam Shotz

Was: AU$11.99 SAVE 42%
In Stock: Yes Age: 5 Years+

Slide the Rocket down onto the Launch-Pad, adjust the desired angle... 3,2,1 LAUNCH! Slam the Power-Booster for loft Off! Bigger Slams = Higher Flights (up to 22 metres). Slam Shotz™ Product Code: BMA448

Tonka - Classic Steel Tow Truck

Was: AU$34.99 SAVE 20%
In Stock: No Age: 3 Years+

Be the first on the scene with this awesome Tow Truck from Tonka®. Use the lever to lift and lower vehicles in position. Tow Truck features a 4 position lift that really lifts and tows, realistic detail and rugged, deep-cleated tyres.

XShot - Thundershot - Refill Pack

Was: AU$12.99 SAVE 38%
In Stock: Yes Age: 6 Years+

Never run out of firepower with the Zurur™ X-Shot™ Thundershot Refill pack. Designed to keep you blasting longer, this pack includes 1 Dart Magazine, 6 Shells and 12 Darts. It's the extra ammo you have to have!

XShot - Turbo-Fire - Dart Shooter

Was: AU$44.99 SAVE 16%
In Stock: Yes Age: 6 Years+

Unleash this rapid fire XShot™ blaster on your enemy and they won't know what hit 'em! It's turbo charged rapid fire dart barrel holds 20 darts for unbelievable firepower. Use the pump action handle to reload for non-stop shooting action.

75mm Old Style Magnifying Glass

In Stock: Yes Age: 7 Years+

This 75mm (measured from one end of the glass to the other) old style magnifying glass is exactly what a modern day explorer/sleuth needs. The glass lens works just like a magnifying glass should (and it's heavy too). The metal band can by removed and the whole assembly can be disassembled simply by unscrewing the black plastic handle (handy for cleaning purposes).

Aerobie Pro Flying Ring - 33cm

In Stock: Yes Age: 5 Years+

For exhilarating games of catch, nothing compares with the Aerobie Pro flying ring, holder of the Guinness World Record for the farthest throw - it flew an amazing 406 metres. You can actually play catch with a friend more than 100 metres away! The soft rubber edge makes catching soft and easy. Even today, more than a decade after the Pro ring's creation, onlookers are still amazed by this incredible flying ring. Size: 33cm (13 inch) diameter. Available in orange, yellow, and magenta.

Aerobie Skylighter Flying Disc

In Stock: Yes Age: 5 Years+

Extend the fun of playing with an Aerobie flying disc into the night with the new Skylighter lighted disc. Its bright LEDs illuminate the clear centre and the translucent coloured rim to make the entire Skylighter appear bright in the night sky. With the patented Aerobie spoiler rim design, the Skylighter is easy for players of all skill levels to throw well. Its narrow profile and large 12 inch (30cm) diameter make the Skylighter fly far and straight.

Aerobie Sprint Flying Ring - 25cm

In Stock: Yes Age: 5 Years+

A compact version of the otherwise identical Aerobie Pro flying ring. Ideal for those who enjoy the incredible flying performance of Aerobie rings but have a smaller area for play, the Sprint ring is great for backyards, parks, playgrounds, beaches, and camping trips. The ring's soft rubber edge makes it comfortable to catch and fun for throwers of all skill levels. Available in orange, magenta, and yellow.

Aerobie Superdisc

In Stock: Yes Age: 5 Years+

The Aerobie Superdisc's advanced aerodynamic design enables people of all skill levels to throw with remarkable accuracy and distance. The Aerobie Superdisc continues the performance heritage first established by the Guinness World Record setting Aeorobie Pro ring (World's farthest thrown object - 406m).

Air Hogs - e-Chargers

In Stock: Yes Age: 5 Years+

E-Chargers use quick charge technology so you spend less time charging and more time flying! EChargers charge within 30 seconds or less and can travel up to 90 meters at super speed for maximum fun! Includes 1 X Air Hogs® E-Charger Aircraft, 1 X Quick Charger and Instructions Guide.

Air Hogs - Titan Glider

In Stock: Yes Age: 5 Years+

The massive Titan glider is Air Hogs' largest plane and puts your paper airplane to shame! Easy to assemble, and harnessing the power of YOU, the Titan requires no batteries and flies with a simple thrust of your arm! Fly one way for distance, then flip the tail and perform acrobatic stunts! It's great for parks and backyards!

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